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A Personal Note From Mignon Furman,
Founding Director of the American Academy of Ballet
I have attended Performance Awards in many cities throughout the United States, in Moriyama, Japan, and in Durban, South Africa.

On each occasion, I realize with a great sense of fulfillment how the Performance Awards have succeeded in their purpose. I realize this again, when teachers tell me of the progress of their students, and of the renewed enthusiasm with which they attend their classes.

A tremendous creative energy was infused into the program. The many weeks of choreographing, recording the videos and sound, and the writing of the detailed notes have resulted in a program that is a stimulating learning and performance experience for students; an innovative concept for teachers, and a source of great satisfaction for parents.

At the performances that I have attended, I see students grow positively tall with pride at receiving their award. Their parents are delighted at seeing their children perform on their own with such obvious enjoyment.

I have been teaching ballet for more than 30 years: from children to university students and ballet teachers at graduate level. At the University of Cape Town I was Acting-Director of the Ballet School, and in charge of teacher-training. I have put my knowledge and experience into the formulation of this program. I believe that it is of great value to teachers of ballet.

I look upon the Performance Awards as both a permanent momento of the personal achievement of our young dancers, and a wonderful experience in ballet.

Mignon Furman

Mignon Furman was a teacher, choreographer and dance educator.


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